Monday, November 7, 2011

Loading a saved configuration file to a new D-Link DGS-3627 switch

Connect with a browser to the default switch IP (, the default user and password is blank, so press the OK button:
Create a new user with admin privileges:
Enable ssh access to the device:
Save changes:
Start a TFTP server, connect to the switch using Putty (with the previously created user) and retrieve the current configuration with the instruction: upload cfg_toTFTP dest_file 000.txt, where is the IP address where the TFTP is listening, and 000.txt is the actual configuration file name to save.
Compare the too files, the one you want to load with the recently obtained by tftp. Check the firmware versions on both files it's recommended that the new device has the same firmware version that had the switch you used to get the configuration file that you are trying now to load.
Search the lines with the following texts: config snmp engineID and config stp mst_config_id name and modify the file that you want to load with the values contained in the 000.txt file:
Load the modified configuration file with the command: download cfg_fromTFTP src_file 111.txt, where is the TFTP server IP address and 111.txt is the modified configuration file:
Remember to save the configuration in the switch using save command from CLI to preserve changes when the switch reboots:

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