Friday, January 3, 2020

How to remove the recovery partition

These are the steps to remove the recovery partition in windows, thanks to

  1. Go to start and type cmd (this is called command prompt)
  2. In command prompt type diskpart and hit enter
  3. Type list disk and hit enter
  4. From the list of disks find the one you want to work with (I believe in your case there is only one so it should be easy)
  5. Once you find the drive you are looking for type select disk 'numberofdrive'
  6. Now type list partition and find the partition you want to work with
  7. Once you have identified the partition in question type select partition 'numberofpartition'
  8. Now type delete partition (WARNING ONCE YOU DO THIS THERE IS NO GOING BACK) and hit enter , if it says "cannot delete a protected partition..." use delete partition override (Note you will also have to repeat these steps with the partition in front of the recovery partition if you plan on extending the system volume)
  9. Once it is finish type exit and hit enter

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